Cannon Electronic systems is a name(since 1976)to reckon with, for any one in India working on CCTV based surveillance systems. A clear market leader, with proven experience in all aspects of closed circuit television, Burglar alarm, Time attendence, Access control, EPABX, Intercom & home appliances, Cannon (Indian brand) can take up and successfully implement CCTV solutions for any type of requirement.
Located in Kolkata & New Delhi and having a country wide net work, we can be depend upon for all CCTV applications n any part of the country. The CCTV projects installed and maintained by Cannon are spread through the length and breadth of our vast nation.

Our Strength :
Cannon Electronic systems 
is an independent growing company with over 35 years experience in the industry. We have grown in recent years to become one of the indias leading security companies with a good loyal workforce and excellent office support staff.We care our customers and always ensure our work is neat,safe and cost effective regardless of the size of the job.

As a value-addition, we can provide you with the latest cut-in technology in the industry owing to our collaboration with technological leaders across the globe. With a diversified clientele of more than 10000 customers, quality never takes a second seating with us. Customer satisfaction is our motto.

Our integrated expert security management solution encompasses a leveled approach to foresee, analyze and implement business security requirements of any form or magnitude. We provide an accurate assessment of the cost of implementation for any security assignments and a follow-up implementation plan with the help of reliable information derived from years of tireless services to our customers. In short, we secure you while you can go ahead and start focusing on your business prospects.

To serve the customers and dealers spread through out the length and breadth of the country, we have come out with our own branches in different cities like Delhi (to cover North India) , Mumbai (for Maharashtra – opening shortly), Kolkata ( to cater to West Bengal,Bihar ,Jharkhand,Orissa & other North eastern states),Chennai (for southern India-opening shortly) and other cities would facilitate our customers in those regions too. Quick delivery and prompt after sales service are the main cutting edges we derive with these and obviously adds to our strength.